New Job at Loot Crate

Great news, I have moved over to Loot Crate on their interactive team as a Game Producer 🙂 I really can’t believe how far I’ve come and the process it has taken me to get into a lead position with a team to be responsible for. I know deep down that I am still extremely young in this industry, and that there is much for me to learn, but most importantly much for me understand about different people and how to make every personality happy and efficient. I am far from a perfect producer right now, and that’s ok.

Loot Crate is working on some really cool and innovative projects, so I’m super excited to work on a very R&D team with more creative freedom. The chance to look at the future of games, including the boundaries of VR and AR, and be in the center of it, is an incredible opportunity. I feel so very humbled and someone shocked.

Hopefully I can update with future projects once they are announced. Thank you to everyone who helped me get where I am – you all know who you are.

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