Trip to California to Visit Obsidian Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, and Imagineering Studios

Had a great week well spent in Irvine and Glendale visiting friends, receiving some good advice, and being very fortunate to obtain studios tours.


Also spent Beer Wednesday with Orange County’s finest.

A few opportunities have presented itself in the form of internships, so the end of the week saw many interviews. It’s great to see the support and enthusiasm, and eagerness to help that I am receiving from my contacts.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you any more than that.


  1. Hey Estelle! I actually met you on your trip to CA! I am a student that is part of the Video Game Development Club at UCI, and I think I was introduced to you in passing. I just wanted to wish you well because in a crazy social media roundabout way I just read your blog post on creating industry contacts and networking, “The More You Dig…”. It was shared by Tim Borrelli on twitter, and I thought it was a great read until suddenly I discovered I had already met you! Hope that you are doing well, and that we run into each other again.

    • etigani

      Justin I think I remember you! Thanks for reading and for your enthusiasm. I shall be back in California this summer, and will actually be attending UCI and living on campus, so do not hesitate to say hello!

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