26th Oct – “Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 Is Out! And I Went To Gamestop For A Signing!”

20th May – “Unveiling ‘IX’ at the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal Event”


18th May – “New Job at Treyarch”


5th August – “New Job at Loot Crate”

1st June – “Finished My MBA! Thank Goodness”


4th October – “Masters In Business Administration At Chapman University”

4th August – “Meeting Tetsuya Nomura At My First Visit To Comic-Con”

20th July – “Assistant Producer Position at Fireforge Games”

15th June – “My first visit to E3”

4th April – “Studying Project Management at The University of California, Irvine”

16th February – “2013 Reflections”


13th May – “Trip to California to Visit Obsidian Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, and Imagineering Studios”

27th April – “15th Anniversary of Animal Kingdom and Lunch with Imagineers”

8th April – “Attending the 2013 Game Developers Conference”

9th March – “Dining With an Imagineer – Meeting David Hardiman”

27th February – “First Encounter with a Walt Disney Imagineer”

23rd February – “Interview With a Creative Individual – Joe Rohde”

16th February – “Creativity and Innovation Class at Disney”

6th February – “Working for the Mouse at Disney”


9th December – “The Progress of Saving our Progress – A Genealogy of the Save Game”

21st November – “Production at Obsidian Entertainment”

15th November – “A Practical Analysis and Critical Study on the Use of Sound In Horror Games”

11th November – “Meeting Robin Hunicke, Chris Avellone and Sheri Graner Ray at the Game Connect Asia Pacific 2012”

6th November – “God of Blunder: Ale in Asgard IGF 2013 Student Competition Submission”

27th October – “Creating the User Interface For God of Blunder: Ale in Asgard”

20th October – “God of Blunder: Ale in Asgard – Pitch presentation, ACMI exhibition, AltDevConf and IGF competitions, Kickstarter Campaign?”

10th October – “The Walking Dead – Less is More”

29th September – “2012 Freeplay Independent Games Festival”

15th August – “God of Blunder: Ale in Asgard”

9th August – “New Project in Development With Kepad Studios”

29th July – “Meeting Warren Spector and Tim Schafer at the Game Masters Forum”

26th July – “Disney International Program 2013”

12th July –“Kepad Studios”

7th July – “Why games?”

5th July – “So I just made my website…”