So I just made my website…

Hey everyone,

My name is Estelle Tigani and if you haven’t already read my ‘About Estelle’ page, I am a digital artist in the games industry. Well, a fresh and young artist in the games industry anyway.

I have a huge love of games, and so when my teachers in high school told me to ‘pick something I love’ for my career, I might’ve taken it too literally. But I’m so glad I did it, because it has to be the most fun and rewarding job I can honestly think of. Unless you’re not into video games, which is cool.

I just made my own WordPress website which was a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks WordPress! Keep coming back here from time to time; I have some great stories to tell about game developers I have met and collaborated with, more artworks to post, some reviews to make, and more to tell about myself and others I have worked with.

Plus, I have some exciting news about the latest project Kepad Studios (the team I work with) is currently developing. Awesome.



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