Brave Bones

This was a 12 week project created by a talented group known as Kepad Studios.

The player takes on Basel (literally ‘brave’), a skeleton with the ability to swap limbs with certain animals to gain particular powers. There are the vulture wings offering flight, the gorilla arms with a powerful punch, and the cheetah legs which give the player speed.

Initially it was devised as a 3D platform adventure, but during production we opted for a 2.5D side scroller. The game was also initially set in Africa, however overtime the environment took on more fantastical qualities.

My job for this particular project was to construct all the book keeping and meetings, as well as any administrative tasks and pitch presentations. In terms of art, I was involved in the production of assets, including all the platforms, checkpoints and plants.


Producer: Estelle Tigani

Creative Director: Kane “Kain” Wray

Lead Designer: Samuel Baldry

Technical Artist: Francisco “Paco” Casares

Lead Programmer: Darcy Rayner

Soundtrack Composer: Joel Williams

© Copyright Kepad Studios, 2012. All rights reserved.

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