Kepad Studios

Kepad Studios comprises of 5 graduate students who have come together as a team (unofficially an ‘indie studio’) in 2011 to work together on games and projects that express their creativity and personal interest.

Estelle Tigani (myself): Producer, Writer, Designer

Francisco “Paco” Casares: Concept Artist, Technical Artist, Special Effects

Kane “Kain” Wray: Concept Artist, Modeller, Animator

Samuel Baldry: Designer, Writer, Artist

Darcy Rayner: Programmer, Software Engineer

We are very happy to announce that we have recently acquired a 6th member of the team! Welcome programmer Aaron Wong!

And finally, a special acknowledgement to Joel Williams, who temporarily assists us in soundtrack composition and effects.

So, what games do we make?

My personal experience whilst working with the team is that we all love a concept which we can be emotionally invested in. In some form or another, each of our projects have a level of thought given to how emotion and enjoyable play can be communicated through our characters, gameplay, colours, environments and music. We really want our audience to feel a connection, if not a message, whilst also being absorbed in the fun and the experience.

Outside of work we are friends, however we take our work very seriously and often than not find ourselves still talking about projects whilst we are out socialising. Dinners and bar nights turn into meetings and brainstorming sessions. It’s out of habit really.

Every single person on the team wants to be a leader in the industry, not a follower. So it is quite common to see egos clash as well as voices wanting to be heard. However, this is generally viewed as a good thing, because it means everyone feels invested and wants the best for the projet. Our collective focus on trying to get the game finished and done well is what drives out on top in the end, and the final quality of our projects speak for themselves.

Our latest game is called Brave Bones, and after 12 weeks we are very proud of what we have achieved. It was made using the Unity Engine.

I feel so privileged to have worked with this group, even if it means I am the only girl on the team. Ha!

My experiences with Kepad have taught me an immense amount of leadership, team management, communication and problem solving. Not just in relation to game development, but in working with other people as well.

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