Finished My MBA! Thank Goodness.

Apologies for the silence over the first half of 2016, I was in my last semester of my masters degree and things reached critical mass. Happy to say that I have now graduated! Hopefully this will be the last time I will ever have to study for exams in a very long time. It’s been amusing how much I tried to link my Masters in Business to my profession in the games industry, making nearly every case study I could about a developer or publisher (or both). Moving forward, I want to focus on my career and use all these past experiences and theoretical knowledge to enhance my creativity and diversity to a team.

And speaking of experiences, in January I had the opportunity to visit Brazil – Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, with some of my classmates, for an international business study. One of the places I got to tour was Globo Brazil, which is essentially the Hollywood of Brazil, used to make some of their most famous telenovela dramas. The studios felt no different than Universal, and we got a chance to walk on some of the sets and observe the costume design among other behind-the-scenes features. It was certainly amusing to see that entertainment development – whatever entertainment industry you are in – is really no different anywhere in the world. We all follow the same process and best practices, while also utilizing our country’s diverse talent and resources to contribute towards global innovation.

Finally, I will try to submit my final MBA paper soon – but it did turn out to be 98 pages long, so I’ll need to figure out a way to segment it up.

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