Assistant Producer Position at Fireforge Games

I just began working as an Assistant Producer at Fireforge Games!




Fireforge Games is a relatively new studio made up of a number of veterans of industry as well as many newcomers. Some of my coworkers are developers who have left from other larger studios, in the hopes of working on a smaller title where they can exercise more creative freedom.

Unfortunately, the studio has barely announced itself let alone its IP, so there is not much more I can say about it.

My role requires me to help the other producers coordinate the existing team on the announced IP, with specific emphasis on tracking tasks and ensuring weekly deadlines are met. I also collect deliverables and work-in-progress items at the end of the day, and create documentation to deliver to our publisher in order to report progress.

I also sit in on executive meetings where I take notes, as well as publisher phone calls and any contractor communications.

I will say one thing – I am having a HELL OF A LOT OF FUN.

I absolutely love my job and the people I work with at Fireforge. I have barely been there a month and already it feels like family. Regarding production, I could never have received better confirmation that this was the career I’ve always wanted to do. The days fly fast, and the work is enjoyable. I am incredibly happy.

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